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Special Announcements Page -- special events, workshops, etc.

Summer Library Program 2013!


Fall workshops for the 2013 Summer Library Program have been scheduled from October 16th through the 26th.  The workshop in Southwest will be at Red Oak Public Library on October 17th.  see the CE Catalog for details!  Note that there is an ICN session on the 26th for those who are unable to attend the in-person workshops.  There are several ICN sites in Southwest Iowa.  Registration deadline is October 11!


Halloween ideas are being posted on the Iowa Library Services site at http://www.statelibraryofiowa.org/ld/t-z/tell-library-story/ttls-ideas (scroll down a bit) and http://www.swilsa.lib.ia.us/holidays_events/Halloween.htm.

Save the dates for Kids First!  The Kids First Conference will be held  on April 29-30, 2013.  Plan to  join us in Des Moines!

Introducing . . . The Library!  Resources for teaching children about the library and book care from the Southwest District collection. 

Looking for early literacy materials in other languages?
Washington Learning Systems at http://www.walearning.com/ has free printable materials in Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Somali, Russian and Mandarin.  Especially check out their "On the Go" activities for parents at http://www.walearning.com/Otg.html.

5-Minute Displays:  This calendar listing of birthdays and other special days will help you create quick displays featuring items from your collection.

Family Literacy Resources (a collection of ideas for holding a Family Reading Night or a celebration of El Día de los niños/El Día de los libros)

ys_talk ListServe for sharing ideas -- to sign up go to http://lists.silo.lib.ia.us/mailman/listinfo/ys_talk

All-Purpose Youth Bulletin Board and Display Ideas


"Reach for the Stars" kit .


"Hang Out and READ" kit.

Materials from the Early Childhood Literacy website created by the Iowa Library Service Areas are being moved to the Iowa Library Services site.  Storytime kits and other early literacy skills materials are now available to print out at http://www.statelibraryofiowa.org/ld/t-z/youthservices/early-child-lit/earlyliteracyinlibraries/earlyliteracy.  

 Storytime Crafts, Printables and Take-Home Materials (under continuous construction!)

The Iowa Library Services "Arts & Crafts" page -- resources for crafts for all ages.

DDR and Guitar Hero @ your library -- Southwest District has a PlayStation 2 game, Dance, Dance Revolution software with 2 dance pads, and Guitar Hero with 2 controllers.   You may make arrangements  to borrow these for a special event at your library.

Southwest also has a Nintendo Game Cube with "Mario Kart Double Dash" game for those who don't have the space for DDR.  Contact the District Office at 866-642-7922.

Mystery Party program kits to borrow from Red Oak Public Library (phone 712-623-6516):
The Pharoah's Curse (Middle and High School)
A Murderous Melodrama (Middle and High School)
Heavy Metal Kidnapping (Middle and High School)
Who's A Fraidy Kat? (Junior Kit grades 3-5)
My Gramma's Gonna Kill Me! (Junior Kit grades 3-5)

The kits include:
* Mystery Planner: how to conduct your party and the solution to the mystery.
* Detective's Guide: witness accounts and statements to the police.
* Evidence: Provides whatever is needed to solve the crime.
* PR Materials: Sample press releases and flyers.

Rodney Recommends -- selected websites for children, youth services and storytelling!  New sites added 8/30/2012.

Bookmarks to customize and print:


"Summer Reading Tips @ your library" -- bookmarks to print out for parents.  Color.   B&W.  Updated 3/11/2010!


"If You Like . . ." bookmarks are posted on the Reader's Advisory site (some are for teens; all are Word documents so that you may customize them)

Storytelling Resources -- Flannelboard kits, puppets, etc.

The Mini-YAC Newsletter was an email newsletter for Southwest librarians serving youth.  It has now been replaced with a statewide newsletter for youth services -- The YAC.  A notice will be sent out monthly to the ystalk and teentalk lists when a new issue is posted on the website at  http://www.statelibraryofiowa.org/ld/t-z/youthservices/youth-services-newsletter.   If you would like to sign up for these lists, see http://lists.silo.lib.ia.us/mailman/listinfo/.  


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