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February 14, 2012
New member training:
Slides (ppt)
 (Note that my notes in the ppt are not necessarily up to date--so ignore them!  KB)
Recording/archive of training

January 4, 2012
We have recently added two new Guides for WILBOR users:  A guide for the Kindle Fire (pdf version) and a guide for Searching Tips (pdf version).

November 22, 2011
Powerpoint slides for WILBOR training, Nov. 21.   (Note:  Tour screen shots are from prior to the Kindle roll-out, but will still illustrate the points.   Training had live tour--screen shots were backup plan!)

October 19, 2011
The recent upgrade to the Apple iOS is causing issues with wma audiobook files:  wma audiobooks are not showing up on iDevices.  Overdrive developers are working on the fix.

September 2011
Kindle books are here!  Kindle users can now read most WILBOR ebooks on their Kindles or Kindle app devices.
News release
Instructions (Word format)
Instructions (pdf format)

July 21, 2011

At the end of FY11, you can report WILBOR holdings:
  eBooks:  6,989   (Line E05)
  audiobooks:  5,241  (Line E11)

You can count the WILBOR audiobooks in the collection part of the survey ONLY if you have MARC records for them in the catalog.   (Yes, we know, but it's a federal definition and that's what we have for now.)

You CAN count WILBOR circs in the circulation section, however, even if the titles aren't in your catalog.

May 24
OMC app for mobile devices updated; can now return eBooks early from app

May 18
Archive of WILBOR training for new members

April 27
Summer Reading poster to download. (Generic poster from Overdrive, add wilbor in place of the "..." in the URL, before printing)

April 11
WILBOR nook Quick Start Guide
(Our thanks to Pierce County LIbrary, Washington, for permission to adapt their guide.)

March 16
Recording of WILBOR Training session.

March 3 
Recording/archive of WILBOR information session, for prospective members of WILBOR.

Feb. 22
The app "optimized for the iPad" is now available from the iTunes app store.  If the patron hasn't downloaded the app yet, they should search for "Overdrive Media Console."  If they have downloaded a previous version, they should update that app.

Feb. 9, 2011
The app that will be optimized for the iPad will likely be available within the next 2 weeks; Overdrive has submitted it to Apple, and when it is approved it will be ready to download.

Jan. 21, 2011

eBooks How-To Guide from Overdrive (how to use OMC app for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Mobile devices)

Dec. 3
Powerpoint slides from eBook training (Please use and adapt for your purposes)

Insider Tips #4 bookmark:  Returning eBooks early.

Dec. 2

Archive/Recording of Dec. 2 WILBOR eBook training session

Nov. 30

Ebook-participating libraries: Check the Promotions page for news release re: ebooks and a graphic for your website (to link to the WILBOR website) that shows both ebooks and audiobooks.

The eBook Troubleshooting page has a link to a separate page for ebook troubleshooting, which has a link to an illustrated guide to getting started with ebooks.

Want a list of devices compatible with WILBOR ebooks, for your patrons' holiday gift shopping?
Here's an e-Reader Gift Guide.

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