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Cracking the Code
QR Codes in the Library

A QR (Quick Response) code is a code you can scan with your Smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, etc.)  for instant access to websites, text, phone numbers, and maps--on your phone!

A library might use QR codes for reader's advisory, quick and easy access to the online catalog from anywhere in the library, access to maps and mashups, phone numbers, or text. 

(For example, a code that points to a webpage with 'If you like...Diane Mott Davidson, you might like" suggestions could be posted on the shelf by the library's Diane Mott Davidson's books and patrons with smartphones could scan that code and instantly see the list of read-alikes.     Or, the library might post around the library a code for its online catalog and patrons could access the catalog on their phones, in the stacks, without having to go look for an OPAC.)

This website is a resource for any library that might like to use codes in the library with little investment in time or cost.  Simply copy and paste the codes you wish to use, print them out and put them on bookshelves, posters, flyers, or any other place they might be useful!   We have created webpages with readalikes, blogs with podcasts, and more; the codes for those can be found on the codes pages.

This site includes:

bulletinformation for your patrons:  a document that you can download and print (with space for your library's branding)
bulletcodes for readalike lists, book reviews and podcasts (we will continue to add to these lists); you can copy these codes and print for your own use;
bulletadditional resources, including help to create your own codes
bulletresources for your patrons

For a quick start with QR codes in your library:

bulletSelect codes for Read-alikes, reviews and podcasts of titles, or others for your library
bulletCopy the codes to a document and print
bulletPost codes on shelves with book/author/genre (or whatever)
bulletDownload and copy "What's This??" patron information flyer (brand for your library, if you wish)


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