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January 20, 2011

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Virtual Exhibits Hall

8:30--9:00 Welcome

9:00--10:00 Keynote:  
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"It Ain't Necessarily So: The Challenge of Legacy Librarianship"
George Needham

Seminar Room
Legacy librarianship” is a term coined by George Needham and Joan Frye Williams to describe the fundamental truths that have been passed down through the generations of librarians – in library school, on the job, and in our professional literature. For example, we’ve always been told that one-on-one assistance to patrons is our most valuable activity, and should be our top priority. Have you ever wondered if these truths would hold up under serious scrutiny? To stay relevant we must be in sync with the needs and desires of our communities, but how can we implement change when the inertia of "legacy librarianship" is a nearly irresistible force?

OCLC Vice-President and library consultant George Needham will take a humorous, no-holds-barred look at recent data that challenge traditional library thinking, and will offer some surprising suggestions for re-imagining the library. This webinar is designed for librarians, public service and branch staff, library workers with customer service responsibilities, friends, trustees and commissioners, plus anyone with both a connection to the library community and a sense of humor.

        10:00--10:15 Break

10:30 - 11:30 a.m. Concurrent Sessions

1. Dewey, or Do We Not?  
We'll cover how the decision was made to go "bookstore" style, the time and steps to make the switch incorporated into the process of building and moving to a new library building; how our patrons have received the new layout, and for those detail interested persons, what location categories we use and their arrangement as well as what did happen to the Dewey Decimal System.
Kenton Temple, Director, Anna Porter Library, Gatlinburg, TN

2. What are Library Districts?
This session will address what a library district is, how to
form a library district (Iowa Code Chapter 336), the benefits and concerns regarding library districts and what needs to be in place before forming a library district.
  Becky Heil and Sandy Dixon

3. Enliven Your Work with Web Tools
 We’ve all heard Apple’s trademark slogan “there’s an app for that.”  And we’ve come to know the expression Web2.0  This session combines the best of both concepts with a look at how library worklife can be enhanced by using web-based products.  Set up meetings with web scheduling.  Advertise library events with web calendars.  And distribute library questionnaires using web surveys.  Join this session to change the way you work—and enliven your work on the web!
    Bonnie McKewon

4. Geek the Library: A Community Awareness Campaign
Geek the Library provides unique opportunities to connect with the public and start important library funding conversations. Find out how this bold awareness campaign gets communities talking about public library funding. Join Geek the Library Field Marketing Manager Jenny Powell for a short presentation covering the history of the project, detailed results from the pilot campaign and information about how your library can successfully implement the campaign locally.
     Jenny Powell

         11:30-11:45  Break

11:45 - 12:-15  Poster Sessions  

"Memories of the 30s" Shenandoah PL Video History Project
SWILSA classroom
Shenandoah Public Library and the local museum teamed up to make videorecordings of people's memories of Shenandoah during the 1930's.  Learn how they did it, and how you might do a similar project in your library.
  Jan Frank-deOis. Director, Shenandoah Public Library
  Brian Daoust, Shenandoah Schools
  Evan Lindburg, Student, Shenandoah High School
  Jeannine Liljedahl, Museum volunteer

Library Ark: Animal Mascots in Libraries--It's a Zoo in Here!
  Kim Kietzman

QR/Two Dimensional Codes: Low Cost Marketing of Library Resources and Programs
How you can use codes to connect resources with your patrons using smart phones:  reader's advisory, online catalog, local resources
  Ann Coulter, LRC Director, Southwestern Community College

eBook Readers
What are the differences among eBook reader devices?  How can they (and can't they) be used?
   Karen Burns, SW Iowa Library Service Area
   Eunice Riesberg, Northeast Iowa Library Service Area


         12:15- 1:00 p.m.  Lunch

1:00-1:45  No sessions--more time to  Visit the Virtual Exhibits!
1:45--2:45 p.m. Concurrent Sessions  

1. Social Media Trends and the Library Profession

Interested in no-cost technologies that rural and small libraries are taking
advantage of to enrich their websites and other communications with members? Join us for a discussion about small ways to reach out, connect, and communicate with colleagues and patrons near and far or offer new convenience for your patrons with technology.  Learn about texting a librarian from a mobile device, real-time chat sessions, and online services like book talks.  
   Sonja Plummer Morgan

2. Presentation Zen: Making Memorable Power Point Slide Shows
This breakout session is based on the book Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery by Garr Reynolds.  Reynolds is an acclaimed communications expert and creator of a hugely popular website on presentation design:  www.presentationzen.com  

Presentation Zen challenges the conventional wisdom behind making slideshows, urging us to think more creatively when considering the preparation, design, and delivery of public presentations. Brandie Ledford leads this discussion to help change the way we use PowerPoint or Keynote.   Join this session, as Brandie “channels” Garr Reynolds with tips on effectively designing slide presentations and tenets of Zen simplicity! 
   Brandie Ledford

3. Volunteers:  The Core/Corps of the Library
We will talk about how to get volunteers, how to start a program, how to keep them, what jobs volunteers can do in a library, what ages of volunteers you can have, how to justify them and not lose budget, pros and cons of volunteers, who manages the program, incentives, volunteer policies and applications and much more.
   Dee Crowner

  2:45--3:15 Break and Visit the Virtual Exhibits!

3:15 - 4:15 p.m.  Concurrent Sessions

1.  It's In the Bag: Preschool Outreach Plus
Northwest classroom
It is 10:00 A.M., do you know where the children are? They are in daycare, that is where. For years libraries have seen a decrease in the number of small children who visit the library for story time. Rapides Parish Library has found the answer. Our Preschool Outreach Plus service. What will participants learn from this program?

  1. How to set up the program
  2. How to manage the circulation records
  3. How to market the program

  Tammy di Bartolo

2. eRA for eBooks?
 Reader's advisory is one of the backbones of library service in public libraries. With the advent of ebooks, how do we transfer the skills we've learned with print books to electronic books? How much of an impact on the reading experience are the devices we use to read ebooks? Katie Dunneback, Consultant with East Central Library Services, will cover these questions and more in a discussion of reader's advisory in an ebook age.
  Katie Dunneback

3. SMILE: Stellar Morale Incentives for Library Employees
Every library, from a staff of one to 100, has to worry about keeping staff and volunteer morale high. The best customer service comes from people that love what they do - even on the worst day. Budgets are tight, and even tighter for what many of our funders consider "fluff". How is a library supposed to find a way to keep spirits and service high without draining the budget? Join us for an interactive presentation and lively discussion on how to keep your smile and your budget, too!
   Kim Kietzman

           6:00--6:30 Welcome Back!

6:30--7:30 Trustees' Session: "Why Are We Here?"
  Jim Connor
Jim will talk about why the public library is important in the rural/small communities, and the need for strong, effective governance to make it work.


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