A Day in the Life of Iowa Libraries....
Part 1:  April 16, 2008

Join us in creating
"A Day in the Life of Iowa Libraries"
This online photo journal will be a "snapshot" of Iowa  libraries during National Library Week. 

 Libraries in Central, Southeast and Southwest Iowa will be featured in Part 1.

Questions about "Day in the Life"?

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What is it, and who can participate?

Librarians (and trustees and friends--whoever!) will take photos of the library and its happenings on April 16 and upload the photos to flickr, adding them to the Project's group.  The photos will be accessible to anyone online, to see what we do and what's happening in libraries today.

How do we do it?

If you've used flickr, it will be easy for you!  Just upload your photos and let us know that you want to participate; we'll invite you to the group.  Then add your uploaded photos to the group.

We'll be holding  information and "how to" sessions in the SWILSA Wimba classroom, on April 2 and April 8.  Register for the sessions in the CE Catalog. (keyword search on:  day in the life)  If you aren't able to attend, see below for step-by-step instructions.


How many photos may I upload?
You may add up to 10 photos for your library. Flickr has a monthly upload limit (100 MB/calendar month) on its free accounts and the number you load may depend on the size of your photo files and that limit. 

 To change the size of your photo files, you can change the resolution on your digital camera when you take those photos, or use Image Resizer, a free download from Microsoft's Power Toys, to adjust the photos after you transfer them to your computer:


What should we photograph?

The library, displays, the workings of the library, behind the scenes, programs...

Please exercise courtesy and responsibility if taking photos of people in which the people are recognizable.  Be certain that people know why you are taking the photo and that it will be on the web, and that they're OK with that. Be especially sensitive to photos of children.

How, exactly, do I get a flickr account and request to join the group?


How do I upload photos, and add them to the group?


How can we and the public see the photos in the group?


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